Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a wonderful day out today

What a wonderful day today. We spent all day outside just hanging out with our owners and enjoying the day while they worked on the gardens cutting down the rest of the bulb garden that died off (which we are not allowed to play in). They also spent a lot of time in our back yard planting herbs and putting up this fence that keeps us from going on the garden back there. Ike spent a large amount of his afternoon peeing all over the poles that hold the fence up to let everyone know they these poles are his territory. Then after all day of hanging out outside they stayed out there even longer trying to cook a pizza outside in the grill (we think they are crazy). But anyway this was a wonderful day and we hope that your day was as good as ours.

Later Friends,
Ike and Daisy

Hello and welcome to pugitup.com on Blogspot

Hello Friends out there:

Welcome to the pugitup blog on blogspot. We do have a homepage at pugitup.com if you want to check us out there. We post different and more articles there and that is our comprehensive blog. But we thought we would add a blog-spot to play with and add more pictures. We all love pictures and fun stuff and we plan to post a lot of them here so enjoy.

If you love your pug as much as we love ours lets us know because we can talk about pug love all day long. There is nothing better then coming home from work to the snorts of your cute little pug friends.