Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daisy likes Tigger

Daisy wants to be friends with our neighbors cat! Every time she sees him she runs up to him with her little curly tail wagging fast and hard. She sniffs at him, bows to him and wags trying to get him to say hi to her. He doesn't really seem to want to be friends. He arches his back at her and hisses then runs as quickly as he can under a their cars. Poor Daisy wags at him and whines that he will not be her friend. I will get a picture to show you guys next time that it happens because it is extremely cute to watch. She just wants to be friends and he is just so mean.

He is a really nice kitty to humans he lets the neighbors kids pick them up whenever and however they want to. I have seen them hold him in uncomfortable positions and he just lets them. This includes their two year old who is rough with small animals. The cat is not declawed and has never used his weapons against the children and i'm really surprised.

Check back for the cute pictures of Daisy and Tigger when as soon as I can snap a good one.

Have a great day guys

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